Merle Norman Seasonal

Portrayed here is a small sample of the type of work I completed for each seasonal collection I worked on as Art Director at Merle Norman Cosmetics.

I started the process by collaborating with the marketing team to develop a theme concept.

Then, I proceeded with carrying out the theme: I created mood boards; selected model and wardrobe options; chose and hired model and product photographers; purchased lighting, backdrops, etc.

After the photoshoots, I selected, hired and worked with retouchers to color correct and enhance imagery. If I had any extra free time on my schedule, I executed some of the retouching on my own which in turn saved the company thousands of dollars each season.

I was hands-on in the creation of everything in my assigned season from concept to completion. A portion of what was included in this was creating color previews; e-blasts; web banners; direct mail; social media graphics; merchandising designs; packaging designs; in-store merchandising graphics and retail store signage.

Throughout it all I ensured we stayed within our budget and that we remained true to the season’s vision. I also oversaw the ever-so-critical color matching and realistic portrayal of the cosmetics as far as texture and appearance.

Heather Gloria, Art Director; Dominick Guillemot, Model Photographer; Bruce James, Product Photographer; Xian Mikol, Model; Spencer Barnes, Makeup Artist




"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."
-Steve Jobs